The Ultimate Way To Restart Your Blog

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I’m going to dive back into this blog in the way that I started it—not thinking too much about an end goal but rather with an enjoyment for the process.

Over the last few years I’ve let this blog fall by the wayside as I grappled with what to do with it.

The main issue is that I was too concerned with how to monetize it and make sure that I was following the the most PERFECT way to execute on that plan.

I joined a blogging and affiliate marketing course that cost me a few thousand dollars and started churning out SEO optimized blog posts that were primarily written by AI tools.

This resulted in dry, boring content that really had no personality behind it. I fell into the trap of chasing money and thinking that I could automate a process to get there.

What I lacked was the passion and fulfillment that I used to get when I’d put my full effort into a post (those posts that contained my full blood sweat and tears).

Although, those SEO-centric blogs can work for some people but I just realized that it doesn’t fit my personality.

Time is my number one most valuable resource in my life. If I’m spending several hours putting a blog together, I want it to have personality and substance to it—not something an AI machine shit out based on some keyword input.

People want to connect with humans more than ever before. Most of us are glued to our screens mindlessly consuming news, social media, or other entertainment that hardly adds any real value to our lives.

If you’re like me and you want to rebuild those connections through a blog you need to revamp, listen up! I’ve got the secret formula just for you baby.

Here’s the sauce you’ve been missing out on…

Step 1 – Start

The hardest part. Just fucking starting.

Put the phone down. Sit down and just start.

Don’t think too much or over filter yourself. You need to get out whatever is in your head onto the page.

So here I am again, practicing what I preach.

Today moving forward I’ll be writing more about my journey as I navigate what to do with this blog, my business, personal thoughts on life and pretty much whatever I feel like.

What I’ve realized about these things (and this entrepreneurial journey in general) is that you can’t plan too much, you need to simply take action and exercise that muscle of consistently putting out content and work.

The ideas and thoughts become refined over time and thus, so does the general direction of the business.

In my personal life I’ve been feeling kind of empty for awhile and not exactly sure why…

I think back to when I was pumping out blog posts and the enjoyment that that brought with it. I was connecting with really cool people and even getting paid through affiliate commissions and 1-on-1 coaching.

So if things were good, it only makes sense to keep doing what was working.

Step 2 – Don’t Stop

One of the issues I’ve had in the past is lack of consistency.

You can see it if you follow my journey from the beginning of this blog. I had stretches where I was posting once a week then I’d go two months without anything.

It’s really difficult to build any type of momentum with this start and stop nonsense.

For me, the process of consistently putting out ideas and content led to more people finding my work, which led to me building my authority in the e-commerce/entrepreneurship space. And with that arose the opportunity to monetize via various means.

So why restart all of a sudden? Where is this all coming from, Harrison?

This all came together after hearing about this guy Dan Koe from a friend.

He’s essentially done exactly what I was on the path to do if I hadn’t stopped writing in 2019.

He’s built an audience based on documenting his own experiences as a freelancer and now has a one man business on track to pull in nearly $2 million annually.

The funny thing is, I have the skills, experience and know how to do the same thing. I just have to actually do it.

Here’s How You Can Do It Too

The beauty of this whole discovery is that anyone can do this.

You don’t need to necessarily be an expert on any given topic.

You just need to start down your path and push out your ideas with somewhat reckless abandon. No one is going to be reading at first so don’t filter yourself too much.

Just write.

Document the process and record the details of your findings. There are other people who are just like you looking to improve their lives and make shit happen.

When they find your work, it will resonate with them and guess what? You’ve just gained a new follower.

If you can’t tell… that’s what I’m doing here.

I know this might come off as a bit of a rant post but to be fair, I am a bit rusty… It has been several years so give me some leeway as I get back into the swing of things.

I plan to write about some specific ideas and experiences regarding e-commerce, scaling up a brand, launching products, escaping the rat race and really anything else I think of that could be of value.

That being said, if you are reading, I’d love to hear from you. Post a comment or drop a me a message and let me know what you’d like to hear next.

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